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Common Problems That Occur Without Using A General Contractor on Your Renovation

  1. Coordination Issues: Without a general contractor, you may struggle to coordinate different tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, carpenters) to work on your project. This can lead to delays, misunderstandings, and a disjointed renovation process.

  2. Quality Control: Each subcontractor may have their own standards and practices, which can result in inconsistent quality across different aspects of your renovation. A general contractor ensures that all work meets a consistent standard of quality.
  3. Scheduling Challenges: Managing the timing and sequence of tasks can be complex without a general contractor. Delays in one area can cascade into delays in others, potentially extending the overall timeline of your project.

  4. Cost Overruns: Without a general contractor to provide accurate estimates, monitor expenses, and manage the budget, you may encounter unexpected costs or overspending on materials and labor.

  5. Lack of Legal and Regulatory Compliance: A general contractor understands local building codes, permits, and regulations. Not having one could result in non-compliance, leading to fines or the need to redo work to meet legal standards.

  6. Communication Breakdown: Acting as your own general contractor requires effective communication with all parties involved. Miscommunications or misunderstandings can arise, leading to errors or rework.

  7. Increased Stress and Responsibility: Managing a renovation project yourself can be overwhelming, especially if you're not experienced in construction. It can take a toll on your time, energy, and overall peace of mind.


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Working with a general contractor offers several key advantages:

  1. Single Point of Contact: A general contractor serves as your main point of contact throughout the project, simplifying communication and ensuring clarity. This reduces confusion and streamlines decision-making.
  2. Project Management Expertise: General contractors are experienced in overseeing complex renovation projects. They manage schedules, coordinate subcontractors, and handle logistics to keep the project on track and within budget.
  3. Access to Reliable Subcontractors: General contractors have established relationships with trusted subcontractors and suppliers. This ensures that skilled professionals are hired for each aspect of the job, from plumbing to electrical work, maintaining quality and efficiency.
  4. Cost Savings: General contractors can often secure materials at lower costs due to their industry connections and bulk purchasing power. They also prevent costly mistakes and delays that can occur without proper management.
  5. Knowledge of Building Codes and Permits: General contractors are familiar with local building codes and permit requirements. They ensure all work meets regulatory standards, avoiding legal issues and delays associated with non-compliance.
  6. Risk Management: General contractors carry insurance to protect against accidents and property damage during construction. This mitigates risk for homeowners and provides peace of mind throughout the renovation process.
  7. Quality Assurance: With their expertise and experience, general contractors uphold high standards of craftsmanship. They oversee workmanship to ensure it meets expectations and resolves any issues promptly.
  8. Timely Completion: General contractors focus on efficient project scheduling and management. They minimize delays and ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy your renovated space sooner.


Save time, energy, and money by streamlining your renovation process with Vantage Built Construction.


Our Simple, Proven Process


1. Onsite Consultation

This initial visit at the project site sets the foundation for a successful project execution.

  • Assess project scope and current site conditions.
  • Determine your goals and provide feedback on how to optimize your vision.
  • Discuss timelines and logistics.


2. Design

Begin working with our design team to develop a personalized project plan.

  • Create a floor plan that is laid out to optimize your space and its functionality.
  • Obtain architectural drawings and engineering.
  • Set project budget.
  • Aquire building permits.


3. Build

Realize your goals and build the home you and your loved ones will thrive in for years to come.

  • Take back control of your life
  • Transform your house into a home
  • Build a bright future for you and your loved ones.

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